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Mannpower is a game mode originally announced alongside the Smissmas 2014 update in the Mann Co. Beta Program. It was officially released as a full gamemode alongside the Scream Fortress 2015 update. Mannpower is a modified version of the Capture the Flag gamemode.


Upon starting a Mannpower game, the player is prompted to equip the Grappling Hook Action Item. The Grappling Hook allows players to cling to surfaces and move rapidly across the maps. The player travels in a straight line to the point at where their Grappling Hook connected to the surface, and cannot use any of their weapons. Spies can use their Grappling Hooks while disguised, and their Hook's rope color will be the same as their disguise.

To complete the objective of the maps, the player must capture the Intelligence 7 times, as opposed to the usual 3 times of a normal CTF game. To capture the enemy team's Intelligence, your team's Intelligence must be uncontested and at its spawn point.

The respawn timer is shortened to approximately 4 seconds upon death from another player. The respawn timer is 0 seconds if the player kills themselves through means other than another player. In addition, players are given a short grace period of invulnerability upon respawning.


In Mannpower, the player can collect multiple different Powerups that spawn around the map. Neutral Powerups can be collected by any team, while team-specific Powerups can only be collected by the team that the color matches from the Powerup or disguised Spies (Howewer, Spies can't collect the enemy's "Critical Hit"). The current in-game Powerups are:

Neutral Team RED Team BLU Team Type Usage Icon
Mannpower Powerup Strength.png Mannpower Powerup Strength RED.png Mannpower Powerup Strength BLU.png Strength Double damage for all weapons;
Distance damage fall-off immunity.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Strength Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Resistance.png Mannpower Powerup Resistance RED.png Mannpower Powerup Resistance BLU.png Resistance Reduces incoming damage by 50%;
Immune to Plague;
Immune to Reflect.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Resistance Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Vampire.png Mannpower Powerup Vampire RED.png Mannpower Powerup Vampire BLU.png Vampire All damage dealt is returned as health;
25% damage resistance. Max health increased by 80.;
Immune to Reflect.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Vampire Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Reflect.png Mannpower Powerup Reflect RED.png Mannpower Powerup Reflect BLU.png Reflect 80% of damage received is reflected back to the attacker;
Max health increased to 400;
100% of sentry damage is reflected back to the Sentry Gun.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Reflect Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Haste.png Mannpower Powerup Haste RED.png Mannpower Powerup Haste BLU.png Haste Double weapon firing and reload rate;
Double clip size and max ammo count;
Movement speed increased by 30%;
Sticky bomb arm time reduced.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Haste Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Regeneration.png Mannpower Powerup Regeneration RED.png Mannpower Powerup Regeneration BLU.png Regeneration Ammo, health and metal regenerate;
Rate of health regeneration inversely proportional to max health.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Regeneration Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Precision.png Mannpower Powerup Precision RED.png Mannpower Powerup Precision BLU.png Precision Greatly reduced bullet spread;
Distance damage falloff immunity;
Sniper rifles have quicker damage ramp-up and re-zoom after shooting, and have double damage;
Rocket and grenade travel speed increased 250%;
Increased blast weapon clip size by 50%.;
Explosive projectiles have no radius damage falloff;
Immunity to self-blast damage.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Precision Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Agility.png Mannpower Powerup Agility RED.png Mannpower Powerup Agility BLU.png Agility Movement speed increased by 50%;
Grapple speed increase;
Jump height increased by 80%;
Immune to fall damage;
Instant weapon switch;
No movement speed penalty while carrying the flag.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Agility Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Knockout.png Mannpower Powerup Knockout RED.png Mannpower Powerup Knockout BLU.png Knockout Restricts the carrier to Melee and Grappling Hook only;
Max health increased by 150 except for Heavies and Demomen wielding a sword, a shield, or both, gaining only 120 health, 130 health, 80 health, and 20 health, respectively;
Immune to airblast and damage pushback; Melee weapon deals +66% damage and forcibly shoves the victim away;
Melee hit forces the victim to drop their powerup or the flag if they have it;
4X melee damage to buildings.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Knockout Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup King.png Mannpower Powerup King RED.png Mannpower Powerup King BLU.png King Increased max health;
Small health regeneration, small fire, and reload rate increase;
All effects except maximum health increase are shared by nearby team mates, though the regeneration buff is only applied to teammates and enemy Spies who also have powerups.
Mannpower Mode Powerup King Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Plague.png Mannpower Powerup Plague RED.png Mannpower Powerup Plague BLU.png Plague Radius health kit collection;
Touching an enemy gives them and their nearby team mates the plague;
Plague victims bleed to death in 10 seconds unless they pick up a health kit or touch a resupply cabinet;
Plague blocks King’s health regeneration and team buff.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Plague Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Supernova.png Mannpower Powerup Supernova RED.png Mannpower Powerup Supernova BLU.png Supernova Discharge your supernova attack (grapple secondary fire) to briefly stun nearby visible enemies;
Requires full Powerup meter;
Powerup meter fills over time, or by dealing damage;
Stunned enemies drop their powerups, and are pushed away from the supernova attacker;
Once discharged, the Supernova powerup disappears and respawns;
When the powerup meter is full, enemies will glow when in range.
Mannpower Mode Powerup Supernova Icon.png
Mannpower Powerup Uber.png
Über Provides an ÜberCharge for 35 seconds;
Respawns after 20 seconds.
Mannpower Powerup Critical Hit.png Mannpower Powerup Critical Hit RED.png Mannpower Powerup Critical Hit BLU.png Critical Hit Temporary full crit power for 30 seconds;
Respawns in the same place after 60 seconds.


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Mannpower has four compatible maps and does not have a specific prefix; community maps are identified with an italic font.

Name Picture File name
Foundry (Capture the Flag) Ctf foundry.jpg ctf_foundry
Gorge (Capture the Flag) Ctf gorge.jpg ctf_gorge
Hellfire Ctf hellfire.jpg ctf_hellfire
Thunder Mountain (Capture the Flag) Ctf thundermountain.jpg ctf_thundermountain

Update history

December 22, 2014 Patch (Smissmas 2014)
  • Mannpower was added to the game.

December 23, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed disguised Spies using the incorrect grapple color.
  • Fixed the grapple still being connected to players after they die and respawn.
  • Fixed the Regen powerup preventing players from picking up health kits and ammo packs.
  • Fixed the Resist powerup shield drawing for Spies while they are invisible.
  • Fixed the Resist powerup shield using the wrong color for disguised Spies.
  • Fixed not seeing the powerup icons for disguised Spies.
  • Updated ctf_gorge to fix lighting issues.
  • Updated ctf_foundry to fix lighting issues and to prevent players from getting outside the playable area of the map.
  • When hud_fastswitch is disabled, pressing the ACTION key will select the grappling hook in the weapon selection menu.

January 7, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed not always being able to equip the grappling hook.
  • Fixed switching to the grappling hook from a weapon that prevents switching.
  • Fixed the grappling hook attaching to players that are dead or no longer exist.
  • Updated the Vampire powerup to give health for damage done by Sappers.
  • Increased the spawn invuln time from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Added enemy team func_nobuild volumes to the capture zone areas in ctf_foundry and ctf_gorge to prevent spawn-camping Sentry Guns.
  • Updated ctf_gorge.
    • Fixed players being able to get outside of the map.
    • Opened access to the flat rooftop by the capture zone area.

January 27, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed a bug related to overhead icons disappearing (Powerups).
  • New temporary powerup – Uber. Respawns at 1/3rd the speed of Crit powerup.
  • Fixed some bugs that would cause powerups to stop spawning.
  • Fixed the Action Slot key behaving different for the grapple hook depending on the setting for hud_fastswitch.
  • Powerup changes:
    • Vampire: Flamethrower and Minigun return 80% of damage back as health instead of 100%.
    • Warlock: Added 25% damage resistance. 100% of sentry damage is now reflected back to the Sentry Gun.
    • Vampire and Warlock max health buffs are now additive (+80hp and +100hp) instead of multiplicative (x1.4 and x1.5).
    • Haste: Sticky bomb arm time reduced.
    • Precision and Haste: Sniper rifles now have quicker damage ramp-up and re-zoom after shooting.
    • Precision: Sniper rifles now have double damage. Increased blast weapon clip size by 50%.
  • Scoring Support
    • Capture flag: +20 points.
    • Return team flag: +4 points.
    • Kill an enemy who is carrying a powerup: +1 point.
  • Flag mechanics
    • Captured flags now take 12 seconds to re-emerge from the ground so they can't be stolen again right away.

February 11, 2015 Patch #1

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused two Intelligence briefcases to spawn.
  • Reduced capture trigger size to match capture area on CTF_Gorge.
  • Powerup changes:
    • Haste: Doubles the Medi Gun's ubercharge build up speed.
    • Vampire: Reduced health leeched when using the Flamethrower and Minigun.

February 18, 2015 Patch

  • Warlock: Fixed reflecting damage even when invulnerable
  • Added a delay of 0.2 seconds between releasing and firing the grappling hook again.

March 12, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed a dedicated server crash caused by a Soldier with Mantreads landing on a player with the Warlock powerup equipped.
  • Added new map ctf_thundermountain.
  • Added new powerup: Knockout.
    • Restricts the carrier to Melee and Grappling Hook only.
    • Max health increased by 150.
    • Immune to airblast and damage pushback.
    • Melee weapon always crits and forcibly shoves the victim away.
    • Melee hit forces the victim to drop their powerup or the flag if they have it.
    • 4X melee damage to buildings.
  • Grappling Hook changes.
    • Added hook jump- hit the jump key while being pulled-in to detach and jump extra distance (jump velocity convar "tf_grapplinghook_jump_up_speed").
    • Added support for hooking into enemy players.
      • Release the fire button once the hook has hit an enemy player to draw yourself to them.
      • Hooked victims will bleed for 2 health per second.
      • Unhook at any time by switching back to the grapple, or firing it again away from your victim.
      • Force detach if the hook is not in line of sight of hooked in enemy for more than 1 second.
      • Sound cue added when hooked by an enemy's grapple.
    • Added new Grapple weapon sounds and grapple projectile.
    • Reduced max firing distance to 4000 units (convar "tf_grapplinghook_max_distance").
    • Increased hook re-fire delay from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
    • Re-enabled fall damage for the grappling hook (convar "tf_grapplinghook_prevent_fall_damage").
    • Fixed grappling hook rope drawing as the wrong color for friendly disguised Spy.
  • Added Revenge temporary powerup.
    • Activates and spawns when a significant game imbalance is detected.
    • Temporarily grants crits, increased fire rate and increased clip size.
  • Added unique powerup pickup sounds.
  • Random Melee critical hits are now enabled in Mannpower (ConVar "tf_weapon_criticals_melee 2").
  • Strength: Fixed Sentry Guns inheriting the double damage multiplier.
  • Reduced the time it takes a dropped powerup to become available for pickup by 0.5 seconds.
  • [Undocumented] Added new emitter model for Mannpower powerups.
  • [Undocumented] Added new team-colored skins for Mannpower powerups.

March 18, 2015 Patch

  • Added powerup icons to the HUD deathnotice reports.
  • Fixed Thunder Mountain not showing up in the Quickplay dialog's list of maps.
  • Fixed the Intelligence getting into a bad state and becoming unreachable under the ground at the cap point.
  • Medics now move slower than their heal target while their heal target is using the grapple.
  • Removed random weapon damage spread.
  • Removed crit immunity from the Resistance powerup.
  • Removed random melee critical hits.
  • Increased all melee damage by 30%.
  • Knockout powerup.
    • Removed melee damage critical hits.
    • Added double melee damage multiplier.
    • A Half-Zatoichi kill now refills to base health only, not buffed health.

March 31, 2015 Patch

  • Updated grapple model and player animations.
  • Fixed not hearing some of the powerup sounds.
  • Removed ctf_foundry from the default map cycle to focus on gathering information on the remaining maps.
  • Knockout: reduced melee damage multiplier.
  • Knockout: max health buff has been reduced for the Heavy and for the Demoman with a shield or decapitating sword equipped.
  • Grapple: increased base damage for attaching to a player and increased bleed damage while attached.

October 1, 2015 Patch

  • Updated the grapple impact sounds.
  • Updated reduced damage taken sound.
  • Heavy can no longer switch to the grapple until the Minigun has finished its spin-down.
  • Fixed an exploit related the Knockout powerup not switching to the melee weapon.
  • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck in the grapple.

October 28, 2015 Patch (Scream Fortress 2015)

  • No longer in Beta.
  • Added map: Hellfire.
  • Three powerups: King, Plague, Supernova.
  • Grappling hook changes:
    • Reduced max rope distance
    • Reduced grapple dismount jump height.
    • 30% hook movement speed penalty for Heavy.
  • Flag rule changes:
    • Flags can no longer be returned by touching them.
    • When dropped, flags return after a timeout. This timeout does NOT reset if the flag is picked up again before it returns or is captured.
    • 25% hook movement speed penalty for powered up flag carriers (with the exception of Agility).
    • Small health regeneration for non-powered up flag carriers.
    • Flags and capture zones are disabled for 30 seconds after a capture.
  • Powerup rule changes:
    • When killed, your powerup will drop as the enemy team color. Deliberately dropped powerups are neutral colored.
    • You cannot pick up enemy colored powerups.
    • Team-colored powerups will attempt to respawn in that team's base if not picked up in time.
  • Other changes:
    • Overhead powerup icons are now team-colored.
    • Warlock powerup renamed to Reflect.
    • Reduced Knockout max health bonus for demos carrying swords and shields.
    • Haste now increases Huntsman firing speed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Reflect damage no longer occurs after death (Pyro afterburn).

November 6, 2015 Patch

  • Spies disguised as the enemy can now pick up enemy colored powerups
  • Reduced Knockout powerup health bonus for Demomen carrying shields and/or swords
  • Fixed grappling hook sometimes being reselected when fired (instead of switching back to previous weapon)
  • Fixed a client crash when switching away from the grappling hook

November 9, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed a server crash related to Mannpower mode.

November 13, 2015 Patch

  • Updated health kits to give players the normal amount even if their powerup increases max health.
  • Updated the Vampire powerup to slightly reduce the amount of health received from flamethrower attacks. The flamethrower now matches the Minigun in this regard.

November 25, 2015 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Mannpower is no longer the first option in quick play.
  • [Undocumented] Fixed an exploit related to the Buffalo Steak Sandvich and dropping Powerups in Mannpower mode.

December 2, 2015 Patch

  • Supernova
    • Reduced charge up time.
    • Increased the amount that damage contributes to charge.
    • Fixed a bug where outline effect showed on invisible Spies.
  • Fixed a bug where crit melee attacks were multiplying on top of a base damage increase. Crit melee attacks now do the same damage.
  • Demomen equipped with shields are now excluded from the across the board 30% melee damage increase.
  • Added highlight effects to active revenge powerups.
  • Reduced points for a flag capture now that the enemy cannot return a dropped flag by touching it.

December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update)

  • Flags will become poisonous (mark the carrier for death) 90 seconds after having been stolen.
  • If both teams flags are stolen and poisonous, they will return when next dropped.
  • Fixed players being able to grapple during the pre-round freeze period.
  • Reduced the number of flag captures required to win from 10 to 7 on official servers.
  • Regeneration powerup
    • Health regeneration amount changes - Scout, Sniper and Spy increased, Engineer decreased.
  • Reflect powerup
    • Added pushback force to players who damage the powerup carrier (except for flame damage).
  • Added overheal effect to players whose max health is increased by a powerup.

February 29, 2016 Patch

  • Grappling hook movement speed penalty for powered up flag carriers increased by 10%. Flag carriers with no powerup still have no penalty.
  • Reflect powerup
    • Removed 25% resistance attribute.
    • All classes can now have up to 400 health.
    • Fixed a bug where reflection damage was being calculated prior to distance falloff reduction.
    • Reflection damage increased from 50% to 80% of damage received.
    • Fixed a bug where sentry rockets would reflect damage to the owning Engineer rather than the sentry itself.
  • Supernova powerup
    • Minimum stun duration increased from 1 to 2 seconds.
    • Stun duration increased by 0.5 seconds for each additional victim stunned (max 4 seconds).
  • Vampire powerup
    • Melee attack now returns 1.25x damage as health (up from 1.0x).
  • Regen and King powerup
    • Increased the frequency of health regeneration. Rate of heal is increased for Scout and Spy.
    • Increased metal regeneration amount.

March 29, 2016 Patch

  • Reduced Demoman health bonus when carrying Knockout with a decapitating melee weapon.
  • Reduced Demoman shield charge regen rate when carrying Knockout.
  • Reduced Tide Turner shield charge refill amount on kill when carrying Knockout.

May 11, 2016 Patch

  • Players can no longer change teams in Mannpower Mode.

June 22, 2016 Patch #2

  • Fixed Mannpower game mode showing up in the wrong quickplay UI categories.

July 7, 2016 Patch #1 (Meet Your Match Update)

  • All official maps now set Mannpower mode without requiring the use of the tf_powerup_mode convar.

July 9, 2016 Patch

  • Updated Mannpower Mode to use 7 captures per round on matchmaking servers (was 3).

February 14, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed powerups sometimes being removed from the game in Mannpower mode.

April 13, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed incorrect strings and HUD image for the Reflect powerup in Mannpower mode.

August 2, 2017 Patch #1

  • All-class
    • Players can no longer taunt when grappled to an enemy. (you can still taunt if an enemy has grappled to you)
    • Players can no longer grapple while frozen before a round starts or while stunned.
    • Fixed not equipping the grapple when accepting the prompt about equipping it.
  • Engineer
    • Halved the number of Wrench hits needed to upgrade buildings.
  • Pyro
    • Reduced grapple movement speed when hooked into another player because of their advantage in close quarters.
    • Reduced the rate of rage gain when carrying a powerup.
  • Agility
    • Reduced grapple movement speed bonus when carrying the intelligence.
  • Knockout
    • Reduced melee damage bonus.
    • Updated health bonus per class:
      • Spy, Sniper, Engineer, Scout, and Heavy increased.
      • Medic, Soldier, and Demoman unchanged.
      • Pyro and Demoknight decreased.
  • Precision
    • Removed radius damage falloff on explosive projectiles.
    • Removed self-blast damage.
  • Resistance and Vampire
    • Added immunity to reflect damage.

August 2, 2017 Patch #2

  • Fixed a server crash related to sentry rockets in Mannpower mode.


  • The Knockout icon on the freezecam appearance gets cut off.
  • The backpack description for the Knockout powerup is outdated, saying that it still gives critical hits.
  • It's not normally possible to carry buildings while having the Knockout power up, however, it's still possible to create new buildings by using the console command build (number) while having the Grappling Hook activated.
  • The damage noise from the Plague powerup will continue to play if it is stopped by a Dead Ringer.
  • The critical effect on the grappling hook is always colored according to the players actual team, and gives away a Spy's disguise.