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Ya got anything smart ta say now?
The Scout
"Can I get quote on that?"

Many pages on the Team Fortress Wiki contain quotes at the top of pages. These may be a direct reference to the article's subject from sources such as a publicity blurb, or simply an unrelated quote from a class response that fits well with the subject matter. Most of the time, these quotes are just decorations on the page, and humorously appear as if the classes are giving their opinions about the article's subject.

General guidelines

  • Try not to use the same quote on multiple pages.
  • If the article is about an item that is used by only one class, try to use a quote from that class if at all possible.
  • If a consensus cannot be reached about which quote to use, either the moderators will have the final say, or the page will simply not be given a quote.

Specific quotes

Any sources of quotes that have a direct reference to the item in question should be used in place of quotes that are not direct references. If a new direct quote becomes available, it will replace the old one.

Quote descriptions

Sometimes text may be added after the quote's attributer, in order to add context. This should be used sparingly, such as when the choice of quote will make little sense without additional context.

For example; the following quote is used for the article on the Chieftain's Challenge.

Screamin' Eagles!
The Soldier
Pictogram tick.png Good.
Screamin' Eagles!
The Soldier on what noise is made when an eagle elevates its voice
Pictogram cross.png Bad. We already know how the quote is related to the article, this is not needed.