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Backpack Rocket Launcher.png
Valve Rocket Launcher 
Level 100 Rocket Launcher
★ Unusual Effect: Flying Bits
+1009900% damage bonus
+109900% clip size
+75% faster firing speed
On Hit: Gain up to +250 health
On Kill: 10 seconds of 100% critical chance
+50% projectile speed
+100% faster move speed on wearer

( Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting )

The Valve quality is assigned to items that are given to Valve employees. In some cases, they have the Flying Bits particle effect. Because of their nature as developer items, they may possess stacked attributes as seen in the backpack example, however, these additional attributes are not part of the Valve quality itself. The Valve item shown in the backpack example is Robin Walker's Rocket Launcher.

The hexadecimal color code for Valve items is

Example of Robin Walker using his rocket launcher in a public server