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2148421484Other Notes:
2148521485Players drop the tickets when they die.
2148621486Dropped tickets return to their home after 15 seconds."
N/A21487"TF_TargetID_Disable_Floating" "TargetID - Desativar medidor de vida flutuante"
N/A21488"[english]TF_TargetID_Disable_Floating" "TargetID - Disable Floating HealthBar"
N/A21489"ToolTip_TargetID_Disable_Floating" "Se esta opção estiver definida, o medidor de vida será colocado ao lado do nome do alvo."
N/A21490"[english]ToolTip_TargetID_Disable_Floating" "If set, places TargetID HealthBar inside the character nameplate"
N/A21491"TF_TargetID_Alpha" "Opacidade - TargetID"
N/A21492"[english]TF_TargetID_Alpha" "TargetID Alpha"
N/A21493"ToolTip_TargetID_Alpha" "Regula a transparência da caixa com o nome do alvo"
N/A21494"[english]ToolTip_TargetID_Alpha" "Set the translucency the TargetID name plate"
N/A21495"TF_DadliestCatch" "Cabeça do Patriarca Cefalópode"
N/A21496"[english]TF_DadliestCatch" "The Dadliest Catch"
N/A21497"TF_DadliestCatch_Desc" "Nome original na versão inglesa: THE DADLIEST CATCH\n\nÉ cefabuloso! É cefaloprático! Este kit de disfarce de polvo topo de gama vai fazer com que toda a gente pense que sai tinta dos teus orifícios."
N/A21498"[english]TF_DadliestCatch_Desc" "It's cephaloposh! It's cephalopractical! This state-of-the-art octopus disguise kit will have everyone thinking you squirt ink out of your orifices."