Playing With Danger (Soundtrack)

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Team Fortress 2
Official Soundtrack
  1. "Team Fortress 2 (Main Theme)"
  2. "Playing With Danger"
  3. "Rocket Jump Waltz"
  4. "The Art of War"
  5. "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet"
  6. "Right Behind You"
  7. "Petite Chou-Fleur"
  8. "Intruder Alert"
  9. "Drunken Pipe Bomb"
  10. "More Gun"
  11. "Haunted Fortress 2"
  12. "TF2 Saxxy 2011 Theme"
  13. "A Little Heart to Heart"
  14. "MEDIC!"
  15. "Archimedes"
  16. "Dreams of Cruelty"
  17. "The Calm"
  18. "ROBOTS!"
  19. "Dapper Cadaver"
  20. "Rise of the Living Bread"
  21. "Red Bread"
  22. "Three Days to Live"
  23. "Seduce Me!"
  24. "Stink Lines"
  25. "It Hates Me So Much"
  26. "Misfortune Teller"
  27. "Soldier of Dance"
  28. "RED Triumphs!"
  29. "BLU Triumphs!"

"Playing With Danger" is track number two featured on the Team Fortress 2 Official Soundtrack and track three on The Orange Box Official Soundtrack. The track plays during Trailer 2 and is one of 29 different main menu start up themes. '"Playing With Danger" is also the track heard from the various map introduction videos, and parts of it are used as audio cues for the Dueling Mini-Game, Casual Mode level ups and Main Menu alerts. A loop of its percussion-only part is used as the background on the main class selection screen, with an electric guitar playing a modified E minor harmonic blues scale; one note for each individual class.



  • Like several of the tracks in the soundtrack, "Playing With Danger" uses the same chords and tune as the "Team Fortress 2 (Main Theme)".
  • The track's arrangement and composition strongly recalls The Battle of Algiers by Ennio Morricone.