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A Scout gibbing. Clearly noticeable are his headset, Ellis' Cap, as well as his regular hat.
Oh, they're gonna have to glue you back together… in Hell!
The Demoman on postmortem repair work

Gibs, or giblets, are the bits and pieces of a player's body that are left after the player has been killed in a specific manner, often explosive in nature. When a player is gibbed, their body parts may be highlighted on the Deathcam. Additionally, the Horseless Headless Horsemann always drops its own unique gibs on death.

The term gibs also encapsulates debris left by destroyed buildings, stickybombs, Sappers, Razorbacks, Guitars, Robots in Robot Destruction gamemode, props, and the fallout from the explosion upon the attacking teams' victory on the final stage of a Payload map. "Gib" can also be used as a verb, e.g. "gibbing" someone, meaning reducing an enemy to gibs by blowing them up with a rocket or grenade.

Players can gib themselves on command by entering explode into the console (similar to suiciding by entering the kill command into the console), or by having the command bound to a key. When playing Mann vs. Machine, both players and robots will only gib when forced by either decapitation or the Bombinomicon. However, giant robots will always gib on death, unless they are killed by energy weapons such as the Cow Mangler 5000.

The server setting tf_playergib can also be used to modify gibbing behavior: when it is set to '0', players will not gib at all, no matter what kills them. When set to '1' (the default setting), gibbing behavior is as normal. Finally, with the setting tf_playergib 2, players will gib when killed by practically any means - be it a backstab, environmental kill, or Shotgun blast. This does not alter the behaviour of gib-related achievements.


Deaths caused by the following can result in the creation of gibs:

Deaths caused by the following will result in the creation of only the head gib:

A weapon able to create gibs, with the exception of weapons capable of decapitation, will do so if fatal damage equals or surpasses the victim's hitpoints by 10 (a 60 hitpoint damage dealing hit would gib a player with 50 hitpoints remaining, but would not gib one with 51 hitpoints). This rule does not apply if the damage is dealt in the form of critical hits or mini-crits, in which case the victim is guaranteed to be gibbed.


Deathcam examples

Class gibs

Robot gibs

Asteroid robot gibs

Generic gibs

Silly gibs

Birthday mode servers and censored versions of Team Fortress 2 have completely different types of gibs. They can also be enabled client-side with the -sillygibs launch option.[1]

Building gibs

Projectile gibs

Horseless Headless Horsemann gibs

Miscellaneous gibs

Related achievements

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

Spray of Defeat
Spray of Defeat
Use a grenade to gib a player.

Frags of our Fathers
Frags of our Fathers
Gib 1000 people.
Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!
Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!
Provide the enemy with a freezecam of you taunting over 3 of their body parts.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Death Metal
Death Metal
Pick up 10,000 waste metal from pieces of destroyed buildings.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

Prime Cuts
Prime Cuts
While using The Classic, gib all 9 classes during a single round.

Update history

February 14, 2008 Patch

  • Updated explosion debris to be a bit darker.

June 17, 2011 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Scouts now have a 1 out of 100 chance of having a flying dove spawn when killed via gibbing.

July 26, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed a bug that would cause team-painted wearable gibs to show an incorrect color.

September 6, 2011 Patch

  • Fixed a client crash related to breakables/gibs.

July 2, 2012 Patch

  • Fixed decapitations creating head gibs in Low Violence and Pyrovision.


  • Notification boxes that label the body part appear on censored gibs, even in the censored versions of Team Fortress 2.
  • The Engineer's right hand gib will always be his glove, even when the Gunslinger or Short Circuit is equipped.
  • Gibs, like the ÜberCharge textures, with the exception of the Soldier's on BLU, do not show the class' final designs. For example, a gibbed Scout has a different shoe design and his socks have stripes.
  • If a player is wearing a Voodoo-Cursed Soul, they will not be gibbed regardless being hit with a direct explosive, or even the command: explode, but instead be launched from the position from where they were hit.


  • When a Scout is gibbed, there is a chance that a dove will fly out of his body. This is a reference to the Meet the Medic video where at the end the Scout realizes Archimedes is stuck in his chest.
  • The gibs for the Scout, Pyro, and Spy are actually from their Beta models.
  • The license plate silly gib has an expiration date of 1964, being one of few in game items to give the events of the game a time span.
  • The Combat Mini-Sentry deployed by Gunslinger Engineers uses the same gibs as a destroyed Level 1 Sentry Gun, they are just sized down.

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  1. To edit the launch options of Team Fortress 2, launch Steam, navigate to the "Library" tab (in "Detail View"), right-click "Team Fortress 2," select "Properties," and click "Set launch options…" From here, you can enter launch options in the window, separated by spaces. Afterward entering your preferred launch options, click "OK" and then "Close" to close the Team Fortress 2 properties and apply the changes.